Workshop "Sympathie – Amor: Interagierende Konzepte bei Marsilio Ficino und Ralph Cudworth"


Das Teilprojekt A3 veranstaltet einen Workshop mit dem Thema "Sympathie – Amor:Interagierende...



Voß’ Übersetzungssprache - Voraussetzungen, Kontexte, Folgen

Johann Heinrich Voß war seinen...


Workshop "Apotheosis of the North"

Das Teilprojekt A15 "Die nordische Transformation der Antike" veranstaltet am 17. und 18.12.2014...

Integrated Research Training Group (IGK)

The Integrated Research Training Group (Integriertes Graduiertenkolleg, IGK) at CRC 644 promotes the doctoral students among its research associates as well as a number of unaffiliated members. In addition to supporting the individual dissertation projects, the IGK aims to help the doctoral students acquire additional academic qualifications. An important component is the interdisciplinary exchange between its members: the dissertation seminar meets regularly during the semester, and the annual summer school provides another forum for in-depth discussion of the individual projects. The IGK also enables its members to acquire additional qualifications in various areas by participating in workshops and training programs; such qualifications include methods of academic writing, presenting, and publishing as well as the use of various forms of IT. In addition, the IGK seeks to support the doctoral students in the development of research ideas, the planning and organization of symposia, and their teaching. By inviting visiting researchers and facilitating exchanges with universities abroad, the IGK helps the graduates to broaden their international horizons.